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Biggest wind power company in Finland produces negative energy

The biggest wind power company in Finland is Tuuliwatti (Tuuliwatti). Tuuliwatti also receives the largest amount of subsidies of all companies in Finland. During winter time the electricity consumption in Finland is high as we need a lot of heating.

Currently Tuuliwatti is not producing any energy with its over 300 MW wind power capacity. In fact, Tuuliwatti is consuming over 2 MW of energy: Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Figure 1: Tuuliwatti Power production 25.1.2016 klo 07:57 (Tuuliwatti)

Figure 2: Tuuliwatti Power production 25.1.2016 klo 07:57 (Tuuliwatti)

Finland is a pretty large country almost the size of Germany. Even looking at country wide wind power production from national power grid statistics, wind power only produces around 2% of the installed over 1000 MW capacity: Figure 3.

Figure 3: Wind power electricity in Finland 23.1. - 25.1.2016 (Fingrid)

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